Website Development

Custom development services that give you that winning edge when 'out of the box' solutions just don't cut it.

Plugins & Themes
Have a theme or plugin that doesn’t have everything you need? Or maybe too much, leaving your website running slow and clunky? IDM2 can modify existing plugins and themes or build new ones from scratch.
Website Apps
When ‘out of the box’ software just doesn’t cut it, our development team can design and build a custom application to do exactly what your business needs it to do.
API & Integration
Integrate your Word Press website with your existing business systems to automate processes and improve efficiency, using API integration and development.
Other Platforms
Although WordPress websites are our ‘bread and butter’, we also design, build and customise other platforms, including Shopify, Squarespace, custom CMS’s and more.

Why You Want Custom Development

Staying in front of your competition and standing out from the crowd involves innovation and unique offerings.
Developing your own custom application or feature does just that, by offering something ‘custom’ that’s not available on the app or plugin marketplaces. These custom applications and features are designed specific to your business and its needs, without the limitations found when buying ‘off the shelf’.
Custom development also provides better optimisation as the additional bells and whistles that you don’t require are left out, so the custom plugin, application or website contains only what is required for your business and website needs.

What we Develop With

WordPress Plugins & Themes

A custom built or modified theme keeps your website unique and specific to your business. It helps you stand out from the crowd by offering your audience something ‘different’ and ‘unique’. Our custom build plugins offer a feature-rich user experience and are built to offer functionality specific to your business when off the shelf plugins just don’t cut it and lack the required features for your business. We listen to your requirements, provide a high level, technical design of the plugin and then build it to those specifications. We can modify existing plugins or even fully custom build new ones for your WordPress website.

Website Applications

Every business is a little different in some way, shape or form and yours will have its unique characteristics. You may be struggling with bottlenecks and pain points throughout your operations which could be preventing the streamlining of your business. You may be experiencing mismatched data, delayed information, inaccurate reporting and inefficiency. Many businesses today are choosing ‘out of the box’ software options to resolve these difficulties because they appear to be the cheapest and fastest way forward. Due to the broad spectrum of requirements these products attempt to cater to, most users end up with slow and clunky technology weighed down with extra unnecessary features. Custom software solutions can address these challenges and drastically improve efficiency, by leveraging the power of technology. Whether you’re running a WordPress website or another platform, a custom application can be designed and built to streamline your business and remove these pain points.

API & Integration Development

A lot of businesses today already have online tools and technologies for managing different parts of their business. These systems could be shipping providers (eg. Australia Post), Inventory Management or Warehouse management systems, CRMs (eg. Salesforce) and the list goes on.

Streamlining a business often involves integrating your website with these tools and technologies to eliminate those manual steps that happen in between your website and these other technologies.

This is achieved by using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to connect to these third party providers and carry out tasks that would normally be done manually. Think of an online store that wants to automatically ship a product using Australia Post and then update the Warehouse inventory management system. An API would allow your online store to take the order, create a shipping label, place the order with Australia Post (or Startrack) and then update your inventory management system, all through an API.

Our team of developers can connect your website to your existing online tools and technologies through these APIs to optimise internal processes and streamline operations.

Custom Development

The Process

Our custom website & application development process
1. Client Onboarding

Initial meeting and information gathering.

2. Discover

Understanding the business and its goals for the custom development

3. Technical Design

Document custom development solution and design ideas to meet the business goals.

4. Visual Design

Design main pages of solution using graphic design tools to determine aesthetics and layout.

5. Setup Dev Environment

The development environment could be our own server, or an isolated area on your existing website.

6. Develop Solution

Develop the custom solution in the dev environment for testing, review and approval.

7. QA Testing

Check and test that the solution is working according to the client’s requirements.

8. Review & Approve

Submit link to custom development work for client to review and approve.

9. Go Live

After the custom development has been appproved, it is actived on the live site.

6. Handover & Training

Hand over any required login details and a brief training video on how to use and manage the app.

Other Platforms

WordPress websites and development is our ‘bread and butter’, but we also offer custom development and build websites for:

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Care Plans

Website and IT Support Features

All IDM2 Care plans now include both Website and IT Support
Use your support hours for any of the following support services


Carrying out work required on your website including both design and development


Assistance with computer setup, software issues, and performance optimisation


Assistance with email including provisioning, setup and troubleshooting

Google Workspace

Expert support for Google Workspace setup, management, and user training

Office 365

Setup, guidance and troubleshooting for Office 365 applications and user management

Network & Internet

Online support for your local network and internet including Wifi, ADSL and NBN

Printers & Scanners

Assistance and support with printers and scanners including setup and troubleshooting


Server maintenance, monitoring, and support for optimal performance and security

*Support is carried out remotely. On-site support will incur additional charges.

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