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Mobile App Development

Before developing your mobile app, we want to understand your requirements and goals to make sure you’re choosing the right platform and process that’s right for you. Depending on your mobile app requirements, we may be able to choose from a number of platforms to build your app. Such as:

iOS & Android

These apps are developed using the native iOS or Android language. This means the apps need to be developed for both platforms (twice)


The Hybrid method is a cost effective way to build you app. It offers the same featutes as a native app, but only needs to be built once (not twice).

Cross Platform

A cross platform app (also known as PWA) is another cost effective way to build your app, and is loaded over a web browser, rather than installed on your phone (so it's available on all devices, including a desktop).


A responsive mobile app, is basically a normal website application (think of a website like Amazon), that is designed to load and look well on mobile phones. This is often the most cost effective option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We determine what app is best for your project based on the following requirements.


  • Cost effectiveness
  • Availability (Android, iOS, Web and Desktop)
  • Features

Generally speaking cross-platform apps are a more cost effective solution and will work on all devices including a web browser on your desktop or notebook. Hybrid and native apps require more investment to develop but offer more functionality when it comes to mobile devices.

A native app is developed using a native language specific for each device platform (eg. iOS and Android).


This means that the mobile application needs to be developed twice to be available for iOS and Android. One application is developed for iOS and the other application is developed for Android. 


With Hybrid apps, the application is developed once, and is available on both iOS and Android. There is little difference these days between Hybrid and Native apps other than the cost.


Native apps to generally offer better performance, however when comparing the additional performance with the costs associated, it’s often not worth it.

Due to the cost effectiveness with Cross-platform apps, many clients like to choose this method, however Cross-platform apps are still not fully supported with platforms like iOS.


Depending on your application reqiurements, a Cross-platform app may not be able to achieve everything you want it to.


iOS and Android are constantly evolving to support Cross-platform apps as they do seem to be the modern approach to developing mobile apps.

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