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iOS / Android Mobile Apps for Business Automation.

We design and develop engaging mobile applications for startups and businesses in Australia
iOS & Android

Apps developed using the native iOS or Android language. Apps are developed individually for iOS and Android.

A cost effective way to build your app. Offering the same features as a native app, but is only built once and works on both iOS and Android.
Cross Platform
Also a cost effective way to build your app, Hybrid apps are loaded over a web browser, so it can run on any device, including desktops.
Responsive websites are normal websites that have been designed and built to look great on mobile devices as well.

Why You Want a Mobile App

These days businesses are using apps to make life easier and save time. Think of scanning a QR code to view a food menu, a digital wallet to pay your bill, etc. If your business can offer your clients value, make their life easier, save them time or money, then a mobile app could be a good investment.
Another purposeful reason to build an app could be to improve internal business processes by offering your staff an app to carry out their work, eventually saving your business time and money. Think of availability and calendar type apps, resource booking and inventory management.
A purposeful / useful mobile app can offer your clients value by taking advantage of mobile phone features that aren’t available on your regular website. It can also simplify the experience for users with a dedicated mobile app version of your site.
iOS & Android

Native Apps built for iOS and Android

We build iOS and Android mobile app solutions for start-ups as well as established enterprises. We are a dedicated team of developers with the skills to deliver timely solutions. We also offer support and maintenance plans for your mobile app.

Hybrid Apps for iOS and Android

A hybrid app is the most cost-effective solution for building a mobile app for both iOS and Android. Hybrid apps are developed on a single platform to work on both iOS and Android, rather than building a separate application for each mobile device. All our apps are compatible with multiple platforms like iPhone and Android. This is the preferred and best method for building mobile apps.
Cross Platform Apps

Apps for everything, including Desktops

Cross-Platform Mobile applications are the perfect choice when requiring a quality application that works on multiple platforms including desktops, notebooks, iOS and Android. Cross Platform (also known as Progressive Web Apps), like hybrid apps, are cost effective as they are developed on a single platform and compatible with multiple devices and platforms.
Mobile Apps

The Process

Mobile App Development Process
1. Client Onboarding

Initial meeting and information gathering.

2. Discovery

Understanding the primary purpose of the app and goals for the business.

3. Technical Design

Document a mobile app solution including all features and design ideas in line with the discovery results.

4. Visual Design & Prototype

Design the app using an online prototype tool (Figma) to see how the app will look when complete.

5. Review & Approve

Submit app prototype for customer review to request revisions or approve.

6. Server Setup

Set up a temporary development server for the database and backend of the mobile app.

7. Build App (R1)

R1 (Release 1) of the app is a basic version of the app to review, test and approve functionality.

8. Build App (R2)

R2 of the app is a cleaner version of the app with the visual design completed and ready for review.

9. QA Testing

Check mobile app functionality and visual design prior to client final review.

10. Final Release

Final release is the completed version of the app ready for the final review.

11. Review & Approve

Customer to install the final version of the app to request revisions or approve.

12. Publish App

Publish the app to the App Store and Google Play.

Features of Mobile Apps

Businesses choose mobile apps to obtain benefits and features not available with a regular website. Here are some of the more popular features.
Capturing Photos

Using the phone camera to capture images

Recording Video

Record video using the phone camera

Audio Recording

Record your voice or surrounding noise

Text Scanning

Scan normal text using the phone camera

QR Code Scanning

Scan Barcodes and QR codes for information

Location Services

Use GPS to determine location, distance & routes


Make and receive payments with your app

Minimal Interface

A simple UI / UX experience for phones


A responsive design responds and adapts the web-page layout to the viewing environment being used.

Responsive websites include a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and fonts that rearrange and change size based on the user’s device and screen size / orientation.

As the user switches from laptop to iPad, iPad to desktop and desktop to mobile, the website will automatically adjust to accommodate resolution, image size and screen size/orientation.

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Care Plans

Website and IT Support Features

All IDM2 Care plans now include both Website and IT Support
Use your support hours for any of the following support services


Carrying out work required on your website including both design and development


Assistance with computer setup, software issues, and performance optimisation


Assistance with email including provisioning, setup and troubleshooting

Google Workspace

Expert support for Google Workspace setup, management, and user training

Office 365

Setup, guidance and troubleshooting for Office 365 applications and user management

Network & Internet

Online support for your local network and internet including Wifi, ADSL and NBN

Printers & Scanners

Assistance and support with printers and scanners including setup and troubleshooting


Server maintenance, monitoring, and support for optimal performance and security

*Support is carried out remotely. On-site support will incur additional charges.

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