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A Complete IT Solution

Our team is built to include a large skillset to manage all your IT solutions. We believe there are three main parts to a successful IT solution


Careful understanding and design of the solution, so you, and our team, know exactly what needs to be delivered.


The development, configuration or implementation phase where we build the solution according to the design.


Offering services, and platforms where we can manage and maintain the solution whilst offering support.

About IDM2

We manage your IT, so you can run your business.

IDM2 aims to offer a complete solution. We understand clients aren’t always IT savy, or have the time to take care of IT based tasks. IDM2 offers services and plans that not only delivery a solution or product, but manage and maintain it moving forward.

IT is our job, so we take this of your hands completely. All we need is an intial meeting to understand your requirements and obtain any material we need for the project and then leave you to carry on with your own business, while we build the solution that will save you time and money.


We have a multi-tiered team that looks after a project from design, development, and training, from start, to finish.

With all IDM2 solutions we endeavour to design and deliver solutions that don’t just look pretty, but offer Return on Investment.


Our process starts by listening to your requirements and understanding your business. Once we understand this, we can build a solution that can ensure will


  • Save you time
  • Increase efficency
  • Increase user engagement
  • Generate more sale

We guarantee a happy customer.


We stage all our projects in phases that ensure you only pay for what has been delivered and you’re already happy with.


Normally we request a “refundable” deposit at the commencement of the project, and then each milestone payment for the project is only paid once you have reviewed the work that has been done, happy with it, and agree to move to the next stage

We continue to support it.


This is our main game!


We don’t believe in delivering an IT solutoin that’s left in your hands to  manage and support it. 


We offer a number of support and maintenance plans (Care plans) that make sure your website, app, or cloud solution is always running well and we catch any issues before you even notice them.

Our Services

Complete Website and Hosting Solutions

Our website and online application solutions don’t end after design and development. We ensure your site and/or application is hosted and maintained on premium and secure servers located here in Australia. Here is a list of what you can expect when hosting your webvsite or online application with IDM2.

Fast & Secure Hosting

IDM2 servers are located here in Australia using a VULTR secure cloud servers

30 Days of Backups

We take and maintain the last 30 days of backups to the Amaozn cloud.

Software updates

We update your software and plugins each month so you're always up to date and secure.


We include monthly support hours that you can use to make changes on your website.


Website firewall security using Wordfence

Malware Scanning

We take daily scans of your website for malware, and remove any if found.

Database Optimisation

We regularly clean your database from stale data that could be slowing your site down.

Monthly Reports

Each month you'll receive a report on what work we've carried out for the month.

Cloud Services

IDM2 Cloud Solutions

Design & Deployement

High level & detailed cloud solution designs, followed by the set up and deployment of the solution

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Design and configuration for on-premise/cloud hybrid environments

Migration Services

Migration from on-premise environments to the cloud & cross cloud platform environments

IT Consultation Services

General consultation services to discuss cloud solutions and offer ad-hoc IT support services

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