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Your website, is our portfolio

So we need to make it better than "awesome"

Custom Websites

Custom designed and built websites optimised for every device

Online Stores

E-commerce stores for selling virtual and physical goods.

Course Platforms

Online course and learning platforms to share/sell your knowledge online

Online Office

Custom solutions built to manage your business online

Since the Covid-19 outbreak

People are moving to Online Business Platforms what is a business platform?

Custom Websites

All our websites are custom designed using graphic design software, so we have a visual example to work with before building a site. All our designs are responsive (mobile friendly) so they look great on all devices.

Most of our sites are built using WordPress and a premium page builder that allows you to easily manage and edit the site should you want to.  Our websites include:

Online Store

Online stores are the first and most popular of our “Business Platorms”. For most, but not all, the online store IS THE BUSINESS, and it’s also the payment gatewau for their clients.

Here’s a only SMALL list of features we have provided for clients. Contact us to understand the full potential of an online store.

Online Course

Your one-stop shop for mobile apps. 

We have a team of technical, UI and EX designers for the visual part, and a dev team that will bring the app to life on both iOS (iPhone) and Android. Features include:

Online Business Platform

Below is a high level overview of the difference between a

standard website and an online business platform​

Standard Website

Note: the points above are "generally speaking" for most GENERAL websites.

Business Platform

Note: the points above are "generally speaking" for most BUSINESS PLATFORMS

An online business platform..

is a platform or website that is also a major part of your business. If you turn your website off, you turn your business off too.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve been helping people identify ways they can move their current “office” based business, online. What was once an option, is rapidly becoming the new “norm”, and the only option it seems now is to adapt, prepare and change for the new norm, or fall behind and struggle to cope with the new way of working

See our FAQ's below

A Website that serves as an application, is a core component of your busines, and able to generate income (unless you choose to manage payments offline). It can serve as part of your business, or your whole business. 

This depends on the purpose of the website, size of the company and a lot of other factors. An Online Business Platform will always start at around 50% more than the basic website, and go up from there. Some tips for saving money are in the next question.

  • Have a clear understanding of what you want your platform to Achieve. What’s its purpose? What features/functions does it need.
  • For the above point – write the features/functions down in a goal/result oriented way.  Think about the end outcome, and not the way the process should work. You may have seen a application, or piece of software that you want installed to enable a certain feature. It’s better we know the feature, rather than the software or process for enabling the feature. 
  • Following on from the previous point – Welcome Change! – Welcome the new way of working, and be willing to let go of old methods and systems. Trying to carry over old methods and/or systems will drive out time and costs and make adapting and familiarising yourself with the new environment take much longer. 
  • Be clear about the features you want. Try find other websites/platforms that already do a lot of what you’re wanting, and mark done each of the features you like.
  • Think outside the box – There will likely be “better” ways of doing things that you’re already familiar with having done it a certain way over many years. Approach this with eyes wide open, an open mind, and thinking outside the box. Be willing to change some old processes, method & habits, it makes designing the solution a lot easier, and more cost effective.
  • Be willing to learn – The online world does things differently and so although we can achieve the same result/outcome, the path or process may differ. Bending the rules of Online Platforms to work in the manual/offline way can involve a lot of work and additional costs.

A Business Platform is actually a website (like an online store is a website), it’s the purpose of the website that makes the difference. 

General websites are most often information only and only have minimal functionality like submitting a contact form.

Online Business Platforms are used more like applications for running/managing a business, and most often are the primary source of income for the business. Eg. Hotel booking website, Online Store, Online Course/Learning, Event Management. With all these examples, you could still run a partial business platform, where 50% of bookings/purchases are done offline, and 50% are done online – but at IDM2 we try move you to the complete solution to reap all the benefits of being a COMPLETELY online business.

A Complete (meaning the platform is the whole business) Online Business Platform could be an online store where sales are done only online (there is no physical store)

This could be an online store again, however this store sells products both Online and In-Store. The Online Business platform would only manage the online products, while the physical store would continue to run using it’s existing business processes (however the physical store could be connected to the online store so it is ALL online, however I’m just giving an example)

Education organisations are a good example – as they generally have on site/campus courses, and online courses. The Online Course would be an Online Business Platform, but only for the online course area of the business.

A COMPLETE Online Business Platform is generally always best, and can generally always be achieved by either

  • Integrating the website into their existing systems (eg. Synchronising an online store inventory/stock with their current Inventory management software).
  • Moving clients over to new systems/applications that are managed on the website

It’s generally not a question of “Can it be done?”, but rather, whether or not it’s doable financially and without disrupting current business operation too much. The two big factors that generally decide this are:

  • Cost – Whether integrating the system with existing software/devices, or moving over to new web based system, there’s going to be additional costs involved that may not be within budget.
  • Education – When replacing (upgrading) software for any business, it needs to planned carefully, with testing and training phases for staff to learn the new systems and familiarise themselves

Want to talk to us about your business and how to move it online? Perhaps you'd like to see solutions we've done for other businesses?.

below are some of the popular features people are using to build their business platform



Manage Appointments

online booking platform







Manage Appointments

online booking platform

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