New Year | New Website | New Goals

This year we’ve launched our new website with a focus on packages that aim to give you a fuller service when designing or developing your website. Here’s just a few ways in which we’re aiming to achieve this.

  • Better, Faster and more Feature Packed Websites
  • Providing ongoing Maintenance and Support for your new website
  • Providing SEO and Online Marketing (to get people to your website)
  • Conversion Optimisation (ensuring you get a Return on Investment for your website)

Better, Faster and More Feature Packed Websites

This year we have begun our built platforms which have already been optimised for the following:

  • Site Speed
  • Better conversion rates (lead generation)
  • SEO

Our pre-built sites also come packed with a HEAP of premium software and plugins which would normally cost you at least $500 if you were purchase them yourself.

We currently have three pre-built packages/platforms that are built for informational websites, online stores, online course/education, event management.

The purpose and reason behind the pre-built packages, is it allows us to

  • Offer lower costs. Having a pre-built website means a lot of the customisation and configuration work has been done. This allows us to spend less time on setting up all the common and required software comments so we can move quickly onto the other parts of your website.
  • Optimise the site for speed by thoroughly testing and optimising the platform before offering it to our clients. For custom websites, this can be a 10-20 hour job, but with our pre-built websites we’ve done all the optimisation work already.
  • Pre-install important additional features/plugins/software that will make your website more interactive and functional for your websites purpose (online store, online course etc.). Some of our website packages come with over $1000 worth of software installed – this is what you would pay for the software if you were to build the site from scratch (on top of the cost of the website itself).
  • Faster delivert times! Having the platform pre-built, we’re able to launch your new website between 3-7 days depending on the package you choose. Rather than building your site from scratch, we can focus on the main components like site content, site colours and branding and functionality testing to get you up and running in no time!

Providing ongoing Maintenance and Support Contracts

We understand that building your website is only the beginning. There’s no point building a website if it’s not being updated and online all the time right?

With technology moving at such a fast rate, updates and new/better software is being released every day, and the security offered today, is outdated tomorrow. If your site isn’t regularly updated, you’re forever increasing your risk of the following.

  • Website being hacked due to outdated security and software, making your site more vulnerable
  • Site to run more slowly due to old code, stale data and a messy database
  • Site to stop working or breaking in certain areas to due outdated functions/code which are no longer compatible with other areas of your site. The more functions/features your site has, the more likely it will eventually break.
    A good example of this is online stores, where they connect to third party systems like payment gateways. The payment gateway is always being updated, and if your site isn’t up to date, it will eventually fail in connecting to the payment gateway or pose other problems.

Staying on top of all these updates is a job in itself, and can often cause a site to break if not carried out by an expert.

Our support and maintenance contracts as designed to ensure your site is always

  • Secure and patched with the latest security updates
  • Up to date with plugins/software
  • Backed up (daily) shoud it ever need to be restored
  • Clean and running smoothly

As plugind and website updates often cause sites to break, you can have a peace of mind knowing that your site is always up to date without the stress of breaking your site.

Support Contracts:

With a support contract you get a discounted rate on our hourly development work, for example we have packages where you get 8 hours a month, for the cost of 5 hours (so 3 free hours of our time).

You can use our services at any time, each month, for whatever website work that might be. This contract is more suitable for people who do regular updates to their site in terms of content, image uploads, blog posts and website restyling work.

You can also use these hours for custom development work like building plugins or custom functions/features.

Provide SEO and Online Marketing

A website is no good if people aren’t visiting it, or it’s not generating you any leads or sales. So having your website up and running, looking beautiful, and being maintained is no good if no one ever sees it and it’s not giving you any return on investment.

We now offer SEO and Online Marketing services to get back (AND MORE) that money you’ve invested on your website.

Our SEO plan guarantees we will get you ranking on page #1 of Google for your chosen keywords.

Our SEO plans include the following.

  • Guaranteed results on Google (Page #1)
  • Monthly reports on how your keywords are progressing
  • A free double up after 6 months (“double up” meaning that you can double the amount of keywords at no additional cost.) So let’s say we’re working on 10 keywords, at the end of 6 months, you can choose another 10, so we will continue working on your existing 10, and your new 10 keywords at the same price, so that’s 20 keywords for the price of 10.
Our Online Marketing plans will generate you leads and/or sales within the first couple of months.

Our Online Marketing plans include the following.

  • Setting up your accounts (facebook, google etc.) and publishing your ad.
  • Analysing your business and research on your market and competitors
  • Writing the copy/content for your ad that is going to be the “hook” to get people reading your offer or visiting your website
  • Designing and building the landing page/s for capturing your leads or selling your product/service
  • Monthly reporting

Conversion Optimisation

Conversion optimisation follows on from the SEO and Marketing. With conversion optimisation we track/monitor the data coming to your website or ad, and assess how people are interacting with it. This includes understanding.

  • Who (gender and age) is viewing your ad and landing page
  • Where the person comes from
  • How they interact with your website – Are they leaving as soon as they arrive? Are they scrolling 20%, 30%, 40% of the page and then leaving? Are they clicking certain buttons but just not completing the final goal? 

With this data we’re able to contually change and improve your ads and landing pages as we move people closer and closer to your goal ie. buying your product/service, filling out a contact form etc.

We’re excited about the year ahead and looking forward to watching our clients get more value and return from their investment and trust in us.

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