Need a website, mobile app or design job done? It takes less than 20 seconds to get a job assigned to one of our team.

Logging a job with us has just become a lot easier.

Our new job management platform (IDM2 Assist) makes the whole process from logging the job, to completing the job, much faster and more efficient. It takes less than 20 seconds to log a job with us and have it assigned to a team member.

Basically here’s how it works.

  1. Jump onto IDM2 Assist portal here
  2. If you haven’t already created an account, just sign up (it takes about 5 seconds)
  3. Open a new job (whether it be for support, a new website or simply a question)
  4. That’s it!  Your job is sent to all members of our team so it’s actioned right away!

We’re trying hard this year to give our clients better value for their money, and this means not only offering better Return on Investment, but a more user friendly and pain free process through the whole project.

Experience has shown us that using our previous methods for communicating with clients (mainly email) left too much room for error, and resulted in poor and slow communication. Here’s what we found problematic using email for tracking job progress and status updates.

  • Not all team members would be notified, or the “reply all” wasn’t used and therefore important team members were missing the updates.
  • If the member of our team to whom the email was sent was unavilable, the issue/request wouldn’t be actioned until they became available.
  • Subjects were often not descriptive enough, and it was diffiult to define which email was for which job.
  • Locating conversations from the beginning of the project was difficult. Sometimes important points made in the beginning were missed or lost
  • SPAM!!! We’ve all missed an email because it was considered as SPAM, even if you have white labeled the sender.
  • Emails stuck in the outbox and never sent.
  • Sometimes you/we simply missed the email, particularly of a morning when your inbox is flooded and the email gets pushed down as new emails arrive…and then eventually lost

Anyway, the list goes on and on…but we’ve fixed most of these issues with IDM2 Assist. The new platform resolves these issues by offering the following features:

  • There’s no such thing as SPAM! With a secure login to your own personal dashoard, there’s only you/the client, and us that can comment, so no need to filter comments or communication for SPAM.
  • When a new job request comes in, or an update/comment is made to a job, all team members are notified both within the app, and by email. The same goes when we update a job for our clients, they’re also notified that an update has been made. This means issues and requests are actioned fast and communication is prompt.
  • All communication for a particular job is kept inside that job, meaning no more searching through your whole inbox to find a message related to that job. It’s all located in one place…THE JOB!
  • You can see all open jobs with the click of button. The client dashboard shows all jobs/tickets created for that client, and their status. It’s easy to see which jobs are waiting on approval, waiting for a quote, working, or closed.
  • Online Chat – We also have an online chat application running on our main website where you can speak to one of our team live (providing they’re online). So if you have a quick question, or need urgent support, you can jump onto our website and start chatting with one of our team. Again, our chat is not limited to one person only – so if any of our team members are online, you can chat to us instantly. If we’re not online…no worries, you can leave a message with us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you’re an existing client, or a potential new client needing some support or any other of our services, visit the IDM2 Assist portal and check it out!

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