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Today businesses are moving from on-premise network environments to cloud services for better scalability, reliability and accessability. A cloud environment allows you to access you email, documents and applications over a secure network without having to invest in expensive hardware and infrastrure. Microsoft and Google platforms offer a cloud service that allows you to use applications, storage and infrastructure in their cloud environment at a “pay as you use” pricing model.

Cloud Services

Our Microsoft and Google cloud services include, but not limited to, the following:


Technical, or detailed design, we offer a solution design to our clients before starting a project.

Co-Exist & Hybrid

We build hybrid solutions that allow your on-premise network to co-exist with a cloud solution

Setup & Deployment

Our qualified Microsoft engineers implement and configure IT solutions that we detail in our designs.


If you're wantiong to move completely from an on-premise environment to a cloud environment, we ensure a smooth transition

Microsoft 365

The Microsoft 365 platform is suitable for any business with it be a small startup business, or an enterprise size company. A microsoft cloud environment can be suitable for using essential features such as Email, Online Office app (Word, Excel etc.) and document/file storage. Microsoft 365 can also be used for more advanced features such as Microsoft Teams (video conferencing, Meetings and VoIP), Sharepoint (Document Management, Intranet and Websites), Device Management, Security and Compliance.

A Microsoft solution is also more suitable for hubrid environments where some services are still managed on premise, and other services are managed online (in the Microsoft cloud).

Online Docs

Google Workplace

Google can be a more suitable solution for small to medium size businesses where only essential business services are required such as email, office apps, document / file storage and chat/video conferencing. Although Google can run in a hybrid configuration, it not suitable for large organisations that require strong user level policies and security between on-premis and cloud environments.


Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing between Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 will come down to your requirements and your current IT infrastructure.


At a high level, Microsoft offers a more robust and secure environment and has both cloud/browser and desktop (locally installed) versions of the office apps, whilst Google has a more user friendly, easy to administer and complete online/cloud solution with all their apps being cloud/browser based.


There are many other differences between these two platforms that will determine which solution is best for you. Our consultation services are designed just for this, so we can assess your current environment and requirements and work out which solution will be best for your business.

The Google Workspace platform supports the main Microsoft office applciation including Word, Outlook, Excel and Powerpoint.


If your business is already comfortable with, and would like to continue using these apps, you can still use these apps with the Google Workspace platform in a hybrid environment. 


When uploading or sharing your Microsoft Office apps on the Google Workspace platform, Google will save the file in a Google Workspace compatible formate allowing your to access, open and edit your files using the Google Workspace apps.


To take full advantage of Google Workspace, we always recommend and advise clients to use the Google cloud based platform and apps.

Both Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 are secure platforms in terms of keeping your data and protected in the cloud. 


Microsoft 365 offers more control over internal security allowing you to control content, devices and users, using compliance and policy rules that can allow you to control what devices connect to your network and what content is accessible at a granualar users level.

Google Workspace and Office 365 are similar in terms of cost and features. The main difference is the Google Workspace is designed more for collaboration allowing multiple users to work on documents, presentations and spreadsheets at the same time.


Google Workspace also offers you all of it’s features at the lowest tier, as with Microsoft, you will need to choose a higher (more costly) level plan before get all their features (such as local apps).


If your team is looking for collaboration on documents, presentations and an easy migration path to the cloud, Google Workspace would probably be the best choice. If you’re looking for a more robust and secure environment with ability to manage desktops, devices and other policies, then Microsoft would be the better choice.

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