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Per Month (Pay Yearly)


Per Month (Pay Monthly)





Per Month (Pay Yearly)


Per Month (Pay Monthly)

Frequently Asked Questions

We monitor our Care plan customer sites daily. Here’s is a high level breakdown of what we do daily.


  • Check your site is up and running.
  • Backup your site to the Amazon cloud
  • Scan for any broken links on your website

Other work we do each month is


  • Ensure your website software is up to date.
  • Remove any malware or malicious code that we discover on your site
  • Provide you with a monthly repor tiwth the work we carry out on your site


Our support plan customers get 2 hours of free consultation and/or development services included each month.


You can cancel your care plan at any time and we will stop billing you from the time of your cancellation.

Our care plans are designed so you can pay month by month, or bi-annualy/annually at a discounted rate. 

If you choose a month by month care plan agreement, we cancel the plan at that moment, and you will be required to pay no extra invoices from then on. If you sign up for a bi-annual or annual subscription, you maintenance plan will end at the end of subscription period and all future invoices will be cancelled.

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